in Memory of Ghost Rider

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in Memory of Ghost Rider

Postby MSGTUSARMY » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:02 am

GhostRider could always put me back on track...Cav blood runs thicker than water , This was a video that he had sent me before he passed, notice the uniforms being worn and the vehicles in the background in some shots....His original link was expired and this is a repost of his video. Someone edited it with newer clips in a couple of places.
GhostRider got his game name from being in Ghost Rider Company of the 2nd SCR formally the 2 ACR Ghost Rider Company
Brother we will never forget you......on this anniversary of his passing......

"till we met on the high ground " Scouts Out
Toujours Prêt Always Ready Remember Your Regiment and follow your officers.

This is from my old Unit old unit new unit

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