OTD server Pay Pal donation link update

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OTD server Pay Pal donation link update

Postby MSGTUSARMY » Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:23 pm

Master Sargent here..... I actually managed after spending 3 1/2 hrs on the phone with pay pal to change the name of the account to reflect the OTD clan servers ...........everything now when someone donates should reflect OTD-Clan servers. it took several agents and several transfers to another agent and 3 and a half hours wait time , to get someone that actually could approve it. but it is now done.. I paid the fees myself out of my pocket as I did last year also.....fees are $107 for six months.....last year with the web site domain name fees and web site fees it was about $250.00.........this year so far I paid 107.00 for OTD. so in the interest of setting the balances clear to some that have expressed concern for the way it was set up,.......... I have paid out of pocket about 357.00 and recovered only $45.00 a loss of $300 plus dollars...that doesn't even count the donation I made for getting GOB server up that I willingly did expecting no help when I did it. so to set the records straight I have a loss of over $400.00 in the last 2 years :ugeek: ....hope that solves the concerns that I was some how profiting from the OTD Servers, this concern was not expressed by anyone that had donated , just to be clear ..thanks to all that have..... ........and yes,...
I willingly took on that responsibility.. :D

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