Reds Box In Honor of KLINK

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Reds Box In Honor of KLINK

Postby Cpl_Killalot » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:35 pm

Reds will be honoring our long time friend Klink who passed suddenly. Klink was a great friend to all at Reds and all the ICCC members. It will be hard to play tonight but he would want us to play on!

Maps: ...

Skin Update: ... s.pk3?dl=0

I added the only pic of Klink I could find to a couple of maps.

Sarge is sending a card his family from all his Spearhead friends. Thanks Sarge.

God bless you Sam and prayers for his family in the time of need.

RIP Sam Kincaid aka Klink.

We don't stop playing games because we get old. We only get old when we stop playing games. (AccadaccA)

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