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OTD Server and site RULES

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:10 pm
Hello everyone, and welcome to OTD gaming community web site! Our community here is a non-cheating, fun, friendly...RESPECTABLE, at that! We do not discriminate against anyone's race, religion, or sex! We are an adult owned site, Keep it clean adult fun.. ok? ALL WELCOME to register, and join us here!.. Ty.

We will not tolerate any kind of personal attacks, or verbal , foul mouth language on our web site or in game and Team Speak If you insist on making such attacks, be advised that you will be MUTED on TS and possibly banned from what ever server you are currently on .

If you are wearing our logo,{OTD}in back of your game name, we expect you to wear it with respect . This reflects our brand , and reputation as fun, friendly. respectable. We like to think of ourself''s as the kind of environment that all fun, friendly, respectable place that groups can enjoy together. A place to enjoy ol' friends, and meet new friends. We also welcome any kind of helpful web site tips, or just helpful tips in general or suggestions that may help make this site become much more of a pleasure, for everyone here.
We are a a fun, friendly respectable group!

If you come here to verbally or in your posts ,Flame , Accuse , or cause issues or Drama , or to copy posts to forward to others in attempt to flame or cause drama this is not the site for you , We retain all copyrights to posts ,maps, mods and Web site content.

]We periodically DO SCREENSHOT in game. You are expected to send in the Screenshots to the address indicated.
Failure to do so can result in a ban placed upon you, your in Game Name and your IP. Screenshots will be taken by Admin Soup and if you fail for any reason to send them in, it will be at his discretion , if you will be banned for failure to comply.
Your Clan affiliation or Clan rank will not matter, your clans Admins will have to contact Soup , and if it is another Clans Admin that is banned , the entire Clan could also be banned as a result.
ICCC Founder Soup will have final say in all matters involving Admins and bans concerning ICCC play.
If any video is recorded in effort to try to accuse a player and screenshots have not been taken giving that player the chance to show whats in his game files
and video is distributed to others before Founder ICCC Soup is informed of it, it may be viewed as a effort to convince others of someone's guilt before that person has a chance to defend themselves.

OTD Founder Soup is Head Server Admin and final Outcome to any changes rules or bans are approved by him.

OTD Founder MSGTUSARMY is Server Admin for both this site and the Game server

Reds Killalot is Server Admin with access to all areas be it site related or Game Server issues.

OTD Founder Soup has final say over any disputes.

All server rules apply regardless if it is a ICCC night of play or not.
The Individual Clans make their own Server rules and a rule at one clans game server does not carry over to another.
Individual weapons setting at the various clans servers will also be different on ICCC nights.
That is to be expected, that's part of the fun of playing on different servers.
No other Clans Servers Admin has authority to grants access or change rules to our server or our Web site and the same applies to ICCC game nights.

There are some common sense rules that we don't need to state and if the Admins deem it necessary they will take action accordingly.
The entire point is to have fun and not cause others to not have fun.
It will be expected that you will check in from time to time to check for updates to the rules or changes.

OTD Founder Soup has full access to all areas of this Forum and has total Forum controls that would be expected.

He read and approved this message.....Soup and I regularly communicate with regards to any issues and changes to this site, I get direction from him as what is needed or not or what should be removed or edited.

Much of this is done on TS on game nights, where we , being considerate of others , take it to another channel so as not to plug TS up with things unrelated to the current game going on.

OTD Soups lack of posting should not be taken as he has not seen posts or that he has not approved them.

My goal is to make his life as a Admin much easier by dealing with posts and announcements so he doesn't have to.....

"Till we meet on the Battlefield."....