Web site changes....

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Web site changes....

Postby MSGTUSARMY » Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:40 pm

There are on going changes being made to groups and settings, certain areas of the forums will remain closed to NON OTD Members and guests .
Bear with us as we make those changes We are setting each persons permissions one at a time so don't flip out that we locked you out of some were just yet thanks, some of you will notice that you have a new access here in a groups area for OTD Admins and Staff, this area alone does not give to admin powers....They have to be assigned, it gives you the ability to see areas of the forum others cant see...

If you are not a OTD Member you were added because of your current position on this site or, we needed several more people in case of a tie vote or you are a calm and level headed person that thinks outside of the box and your input was needed or could be. :shock: I will be later sending out PMs to those individuals privately , most of you ALREADY had admin rights but had not been so advised or you just never signed into the site. Some have not been signed yet as I need to speak to Soup about each individual I have in mind , and they could pass as well.....
When you sign in look at the area by quick links and facts If you see ACP you have access . You will need to sign in again after clicking on that, some of you will not see that, but see areas of the forums closed to the public instead, and now you have the super dupper secret squirrel decoder ring access :ugeek: to the back room area of the site. :lol:
Some of you that never signed in but came onto this site as a guest will notice you cant see many areas of the forum now, that IS deliberate as Guests do not need to see Members areas at all,
also the MAPS area IS open to Guests and downloadable still, if there are any issues , calmly let us know with regards to the issue so we can fix it or check your individual settings as we can use your permissions to see exactly what you see
and note that just because the setting has changed doesn't mean that YOU were targeted for permissions removals, this is a very intense process and I have spent HOURS setting this up as we should have done in the start.

I am solely responsible for changes that were made (so dont send Soup nasty toned emails or PM's )and this is being done to make Soups life and mine much easier when moderating the Forums . These settings and changes I should have done when the site had crashed and came back up 2 months ago. These actions were also triggered by the new person that joined our site that was given admin privileges the moment they became a site member, a Notice went out to me to all my emails immediately labeled Urgent that admin privileges had been assigned to this person. The situation was fixed immediately .... Thanks ... MSGTUSARMY

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