TWZ ICCC Map Pk #3 For 6-28-2016

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TWZ ICCC Map Pk #3 For 6-28-2016

Postby Pvt.Dunkoff » Tue Jun 28, 2016 3:07 pm

Hi Once again ; TWZ will be running Map Pk #3 tonight , you can get Our Maps here , ... etit&lid=5

Come in and get your FragOn!

And I Ask , { Please don't abuse the Rockets }

Lets keep ICCC going ,Have Fun! . Dunk

Admin & [OTD] Founder
Admin & [OTD] Founder
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Re: TWZ ICCC Map Pk #3 For 6-28-2016

Postby MSGTUSARMY » Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:59 pm

At Soups request I have edited this post, His take was when he first read it the same as mine was " whats with the continual dig about rockets?"
After discussion with him on TS (he had to move me to another channel because my permissions to move people were childishly removed) AND Soup AGREES with the remainder of my statements and post with regards to his requests for this to stop in the past and that he has been ignored , and that I keep getting verbally attacked. MULTIPLE times I have left TS to return in game with no TS because of Dunks verbal attacks and this has been witnessed and even commented on to Dunk by others than Soup and myself, and that his comments were not right and unfair, yet it still continues......

We as site Admins jointly decided to allow this to be posted in addition to the maps that Dunk posts within his maps message, so he may post his bazooka message in addition to the maps . So that part of the post is rescinded , how ever the rest Soup is in agreement with me on still.INCLUDING our server rules..

Those rules are nothing new unlike the statement made by Dunk about "NEW" server rules ... when other servers expect you to abide by there rules do you do leave that server?.

MY leaving TWZ server has nothing to do with rules, what it has to do with is the verbal attacks and verbal digs and jabs. More of which were thrown out tonight as innuendo in Dunks statements. They are point by point addressed in the Server rules post.......
...I played with the new rockets rules, and learned to use the other weapons, but when that happened then crys of shooting thru walls happened, yet, when I have been shot behind trees and in a black areas of the maps by others, that's not fowl play.

I also did a experiment when in scope view on this High Def tv and with the HD mod used for High Def someone's rifle sticking out a window measures at 1 inch wide, so while you are leaning sticking thru a wall or have your rifle out a window you are providing me a at least a 1 inch by however long target to shoot ,
Screen Shots in the form of a picture with a yard stick on the screen showing the size I see,
were sent to several people Soup and Major and several others to show what my view is....Majors comment was OMG no wonder you can see us....Soups was similar ,
so either they are being called liars or you choose to believe them... also High Def allows visual of detail impossible to see on a regular screen what you see as a speck on a map, I see as a 1/2 to 1 inch dot in scope zoom mode , so while you say someone is shooting thru a wall that's not the case , also if you are sticking out and slide to the right and then retreat its not hard to figure out you slid to the right and moved back, when I watch your gun barrel move to the right then fade into the wall.. One of the biggest flaws in this game is being able to shoot someone's rifle barrel and kill them. This entire situation has been put way out of proportion and it gets blown out even more when people get mad. Cooler heads will prevail........So this was edited Not to hide anything but to actually Admin our site according to the Admins of the Site requests.....Also Dunk several permission's were granted to you that should have been there all along check your PMs.....end of edit

Not a Issue here as I wont be returning to the TWZ server, Posting of maps is perfectly fine, . Your continual comments directed at me HAVING EVEN WHEN BEING WITTNESSED BY YOUR OWN CLAN MEMBERS YOU DOING SO, you still have continued to verbally abuse me with directed comments. This needs to stop, as it causes issues for not only me but Soup as well.....
Also since someone decided to remove admin permissions from me on TS in a very childish move in retaliation for my post , OTD will acquire a TS server again after I speak to Soup about it, and if while playing on OTD you wish to use a TS server then use the TS server for OTD so that proper controls are given to the Admins of each clan so that they can admin TS >>>>>and after speaking to Soup he also has agreed with this TS for OTD to resolve the issue .... Thanks MSGTUSARMY

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