Map pack listings for game nights
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Postby OTD SOUP » Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:16 pm

OTD Will Be Playing # OTDICCC14 Thursday Night
You Can Get It Here: http://www.otd-clan.com/download/Mappacks/OTDICCC14.zip
Cyu There ! :D

Admin & [OTD] Founder
Admin & [OTD] Founder
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Postby MSGTUSARMY » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:53 pm

Thanks Soup!......
I wish to add to that that OTD's Server has always supported all weapons, and If there are issues regarding our weapons they need to be discussed in a non confrontational way and with the same respect you demand of others. NO changes of what weapons can be used on OTD Servers will be made without BOTH Soup and myself involved. No other Clans server Admins will set our rules on our servers. I am not responsible for others actions simply because THEY choose a certain weapon....If there is a issue with that .. then take it up with all the others doing it and stop using others as a scape goat for your anger issues. I have had rockets or bazookas rounds limited down to 3 , and even when they are used with only 3 rounds then we all are accused of using them to excess?....

Certain players in other clans use them ALSO, but all angry remarks have been directed at me even when others OWN CLAN MEMBERS are using them, but I am the one being yelled at......So in the future if the remarks cant be stopped on OTDs Server or they get to the point were you are causing issues, then YOU need to leave . A person who has issues for what ever reason should NOT expect everyone else to continue to put up with constant verbal attacks because they have no control.....If you have no ability to control it, and it doesn't matter the reason, then you need to leave as soon as it gets to that point... That's kinda like a alcoholic saying "when I am a drunk I become a unbearable a$$ , but you still have to put up with me"...uh NO we don't.... So EVERYONE is always welcome at OTD Servers BUT , we expect the same respect and fair game play without verbal attacks....... Thanks OTD MSGTUSARMY

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